We Can Do It! Advocate for Trees by May 25th

The budget for the City of Sunnyvale is being worked out at the moment. On May 25th, the Budget Workshop will take place and the council will vote on it.

If you would like to see more trees in Sunnyvale, please ask that more money be budgeted for tree plantings!

Write to your council members as a body or each individually. Write also to City Manager Kent Steffens to let him know that the residents of Sunnyvale are interested in an increase in the urban forest. Trees benefit the residents health-wise and they are a plus for a healthy environment!

The e-mail addresses are as follows:

Each year the City budgets a specified amount of money for the planting of trees which includes the trees themselves, staff time, and additional materials. Tree removal is also budgeted. Currently, 100 – 250 trees (newly planted trees minus trees which have been removed) are
added to the City’s inventory each year.

In the Urban Forest Management Plan adopted unanimously by Council in September of 2014, Sunnyvale’s canopy cover was found to be 18%. In the report it was recommended to increase the cover to 20.5%. This means an additional 29,000 trees! By comparison, the City of Palo Alto has a canopy cover of 37%.

Instead of 100 – 250 trees, SUFA would like to see 500 – 1,000 new trees planted in Sunnyvale each year. That, of course, means additional money to be dedicated to the tree planting budget. In January 2018, SUFA members met with the City Manager, Kent Steffens, regarding this
concern. It was suggested that support for additional tree planting funds from the citizens of Sunnyvale might be of great value in making any changes. The budget is currently being discussed will be finalized at the end of May.

If a great number of Sunnyvale residents express the wish to increase the budget for tree plantings, this raises the likelihood that it will happen.

Please write to your council members and the City Manager. Thank you for your support of trees in Sunnyvale.