The urban forest of a city, both its public and private trees, is instrumental to the city’s environmental health and aesthetic beauty.

The tree canopy cover in Sunnyvale was 18% in 2007. Many mature trees have been removed over the past few years to make way for new development. Our goal, as stated in the Urban Forest Management Plan, is to increase the urban forest canopy cover to at least 20%, an addition of 30,000 trees.

Due to the surge of development in the city, the need to protect and preserve the mature trees at development sites has become a priority. Protection of mature trees by private homeowners is also critical.

  • SUFA encourages, organizes, and participates in tree plantings throughout the year. Our goal as stated in the Urban Forest Management Plan is to increase the canopy cover from 18% to 20%.
  • SUFA works to change City policy pertaining to trees to more effectively promote and protect the urban forest.
  • SUFA members strive to raise awareness among the general public and our elected officials as to the extreme importance of a healthy, expansive urban forest. This is especially vital in the time of climate change.