SUFA plans to organize another Tree Walk in Sunnyvale this year. Details to follow. If you would like to join us, please get in touch!


SUFA arranged a Tree Walk at the Civic Center in May 2015, lead by retired Arborist, Steve Sukke. About 20 people participated in the walk.

Arbor Day was a great success! SUFA volunteers, the residents of Sunnyvale, and the City of Sunnyvale employees came together to plant about 40 trees citywide. Check out the slide show below for some wonderful pictures of volunteers and City staff and groups of children and teens working together on a beautiful Saturday morning planting trees on streets and parks of Sunnyvale.

SUFA was honored and excited to have Synopsys as our first Corporate volunteer. 10 trees were planted in Ponderosa Park- six 24 inch boxed Deodar Cedar trees and four 15 gal size California Sycamore trees.