Urban Benefits of Trees

  • Provide Aesthetically Pleasing Environments – Trees are one of the few elements that can transform barren parking areas and massive vertical walls into more comfortable spaces.
  • Screen Necessary Street Features – Trees screen utility poles, light poles, and other right-of-way features or at least lessen their obtrusiveness.
  • Calm Traffic – Trees lead to reduced traffic speeds appropriate to urban conditions.
  • Create Safer Walking Environments – Delineation of pedestrian areas versus vehicular. Trees can be protective physical barriers.
  • Increase Security – A more pleasant walking environment encourages more people activity and more foot traffic.




Ecosystem Benefits of Trees

  • Provide O2 and Sequester CO2 – Photosynthesis sequesters CO2 and produces O2. We are dependent on trees from the day we take our first breath to our last.
  • Lower Urban Air Temperatures – Concrete and asphalt streets and parking lots are known to raise air temperatures 3-7 degrees. Trees mitigate this heat island effect.
  • Improve Stormwater Management – Trees absorb the first 30% of most precipitation. Open soil allows for water infiltration.
  • Reduce Harm from Vehicle Emissions – Trees trap particulates and reduce impacts from exhaust gases. Car exhaust forms ozone more readily over hot streets without tree shade.



Economic Benefits of Trees

  • Add Value to Adjacent Homes and Businesses – Research has shown an increase in the sales price of a home with large front yard tree. Business properties also show higher values.
  • Produce Longer Asphalt Pavement Life – Research has shown longer pavement life in the shade of trees.
  • Improve Business – Tree-scaped streets show a 20% higher income stream.
  • Reduce Energy Costs – Shaded homes use less energy for both heating and cooling.


Social and Health Benefits of Trees

  • Improve Health – Trees in general impact people’s perceptions, lowering blood pressure, improving overall emotional and psychological health.
  • Reduce Travel Time Perception – Research has demonstrated a mental perception of increased travel time over barren treeless    road trips. A pleasant trip appears to go by faster.
  • Help People Connect to Nature – Street trees help people connect to the living world. No man-made products can give the sense of place as do trees.