Sunnyvale Urban Forest Advocates actively participates in tree planting and maintenance activities, educates the public and City officials about the urban forest, and advocates for the preservation and expansion of the urban forest.

Educate.  Advocate.  Participate.


  • Educate the public about the benefits of trees
  • Provide information about obtaining and maintaining trees
  • Engage in community outreach activities


  • Defend existing trees and ensure planting of new trees during development
  • Educate City employees, council members, and commission members about trees
  • Speak at public meetings
  • Meet individually with City staff, commissioners, and council members
  • Update City codes, policies, and ordinances to protect trees


  • Collaborate with developers, City staff, and other urban forestry organizations
  • Support the City with outreach and tree plantings
  • Work with City departments, private homeowners, and private businesses
  • Organize community tree plantings