What Can I Do to Help?

  • Volunteer with SUFA.
  • Contact the city to have a street tree installed and care for it. Encourage your neighbors to get a street tree.
  • Consider adding additional trees to your property – front yard, back yard, side yard.
  • Look into planting trees in community areas such as churches and schools.
  • Contact local businesses to request trees in their parking lots.
  • Speak up for the preservation of existing trees.
  • Participate in public meetings where trees are considered, which includes all new development and redevelopment proposals.
  • Contact city planners, planning commissioners, and city council with concerns.
  • Advocate for an update to municipal codes to require landscaping of existing and new parking lots.
  • Join SUFA and/or participate in SUFA events.

City contacts can be found at sunnyvale.ca.gov.