Volunteer to Increase Sunnyvale’s Urban Forest

Join SUFA as we expand fundraising and outreach efforts to ensure the continued success of our programs and activities. Your support will help us implement and improve the Branch Out Sunnyvale program, community tree plantings, and park tree walks, as well as our education and advocacy efforts. It’s a lot to do and we can use your help. Most of these opportunities can be performed on your own schedule.

Open positions include:

Board Member – Help manage the implementation of SUFA’s goals.

Grant Writer – Research and submit grant proposals to provide funding for Branch Out Sunnyvale. The city will pay for 50 trees, but many more are needed.

Volunteer Coordinator – Recruit and organize volunteers for tree plantings, staffing tables at community events, and public speaking.

Development Researcher – Review upcoming development projects to determine their impact on existing large trees. Report findings to the Board and help develop a plan to potentially save the trees.

Public Speakers – Speak in support of SUFA and tree preservation at Planning Commission, City Council, and other relevant meetings.

Volunteer At Large – Volunteer to help with specific events or projects.

Please email info@sunnyvaletrees.org for more information or to volunteer.