Branch Out Sunnyvale is coming to your neighborhood!

SUFA is proud to announce Branch Out Sunnyvale, a program to increase our urban canopy by helping residents to plant trees on their private property.

The City of Sunnyvale has allocated funds to subsidize 50 private trees and has partnered with SUFA and Our City Forest to implement the program. Check our Events page for more details, and visit the Our City Forest site for the application.


Resources – Tree Selection and Care

Visit the Tree Selection and Care page for information and resources about new, existing, and city trees.


What Can I Do To Help?

Learn how you can help promote and protect trees.


Trees of Distinction Tour

Check out or self-guided tour and discover some of Sunnyvale’s finest trees! The Car and Bicycle Tour details, as well as a guide to the trees on the tour, can be found under the Events/Programs menu.


Free Street Trees!

Find out how to obtain a free street tree through Sunnyvale’s street tree program.